BookaBuilderUK partners with Wolseley UK

As of 2nd December 2021

BIG NEWS! Today marks the biggest day in Book A Builder UK history, We are pleased to announce that we have now completed a strategic investment deal with Wolseley UK. The funds and the partnership will propel Book A Builder UK to the next level, whilst providing Wolseley UK with attractive prospects.

Book A Builder UK has grown successfully since it launched it in 2014 and until now has never received any external investment, we are very excited to see what we can now achieve with proper funding, our great team and now the ability to work with and learn from some very talented individuals at Wolseley UK. 2022 is going to be BIG!

Read Wolseley's post here: https://www.wolseley.co.uk/book-a-builder

What does this mean for BookaBuilderUK?

Having thrived independently since 2014, we wanted to make sure our first investment led partnership was able to deliver both immediate and long term benefits to all users of BookaBuilderUK, both homeowners AND tradespeople!

For homeowners

More information coming soon...

For trades

More information coming soon...