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My names James I’ve been roofing for 10 years now. Since I’ve been roofing I have covered every aspect of roofing. I am skilled in all areas of roofing and have the knowledge to carrie out any type of roof work under health and safety regulations sufficiently. I would consider myself to be a professional roofer with skills in all areas of roofing. I am also sincere, polite and honest. If you have any issues with your roof call me today for a free quote and inspection. We are here to help whether you need a recommendation or advise. I aim to build a 5 star rating reputation for myself with a 10 out of 10 roofing service. I am also a talented landscaper I have experience paving block and slabs I am also very good at fencing. I have the knowledge to Carrie out any type of landscaping/ gardening fencing and small brickwork jobs under health and safety regulations sufficiently. If you would like help or would like some guidance or advice give me a call I’m sure I can help towards improving your property to a professional standard. Many thanks all the best James.

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