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4 in 1 Multi purpose portable fire can


Mini Firefighter is the most effective product on the Market for stopping a small fire from becoming a major catastrophe.

Introducing a unique fire-fighting product called Mini Firefighter, which is brand new to the UK – over 1 million of them sold in Europe in 2014.

This small lightweight aerosol contains extinguishing foam, which has been tested and approved for use on all of the following Fire Class’s:

Class A - Solid fire (Wood/Fabric/Cardboard/Plastic)

Class B - Hydrocarbons (Petrol / Diesel/Solvents)

Class F - Fat and Oil Fires

Electrical Fires (Tested to 35,000 volts)

The uniqueness of Mini Firefighter is the foam (boldfoam F40) which on release expands to over 30 times its original size and produces 7-9 litres of foam in 15-20 seconds.

All business sectors, including home owners and private landlords have the vital responsibility to protect people, property and assets against fire. Having a Mini Firefighter close to hand can do just that!

Mini Firefighter is small, easy to store and can be carried with you at all times which makes it ideal for ‘hot’ workers.

Mini Firefighter is non-toxic, non-irritant and biodegradable which can be used with care in confined spaces. It is user friendly and is an aerosol that everyone can use as no training is required.

Due to Mini firefighters compact size it can be placed exactly where a fire is most likely to be, for example on the kitchen work top next to the hob. It has a high cooling capacity and forms a stable, heat resistant seal which suffocates the fire stopping re-ignition and turning fat and oil into a soapy mixture.

Mini firefighter is easy to clean up as the foam dissolves after use.

It has been tested, approved and complies to all EEC regulations (UK: EN 3-7:2014+A1).

It is made and assembled in Europe entirely of European components.

Of course, Mini Firefighter is not a substitute for a professional fireman or a large extinguisher.

However, Mini Firefighter has its own advantages like its container, which is ergonomic and manageable due to its light weight, its intuitive use and the option of always having it to hand in the kitchen, car or the office.

All of the above mean that Mini Firefighter is fabulous value for money in comparison with other methods for extinguishing fires.

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