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Have you ever completed work and not been paid?

Advertising on our platform wont just generate you business, it will also guarantee that you get paid for the work you complete ON TIME.

Stand out from your local competition and join the most trusted tradesmen in the UK that are using SafePay.

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- 85% of people think that it’s not easy to find a trusted tradesman
- Tradespeople are owed £30 billion in unpaid invoices
- 3 out of 10 tradesmen receive delayed payments
Source: National Federation of Builders (NFB)

BookABuilder’s SafePay scheme is a clear and transparent solution for both homeowners and tradesmen across the UK.

  • Keep your job on budget, the average overspend on a project is £3200 – with BookABuilder’s FREE SafePay scheme, what was agreed is what you pay.
  • Keep your job on schedule, the average delay on large projects like house extensions or renovations is 3 months. With BookABuilder’s SafePay scheme, milestones are set to release payments on your behalf at different stages that have been agreed.
  • 35% of all projects run behind schedule
  • 40% projects go over budget
  • Keeping a paper trail, provide us with a copy of the quote and we will know everything that was agreed and at what cost
  • Avoid potentially awkward conversations about payments and let us handle the process for you.

The peace of mind of using our secure SafePay platform comes at a small 2.5% cost, bare this in mind when quoting for projects and factoring in your costs.

Are you ready to get paid with SafePay?

  • Secure - Money is held in an FCA approved account secured by the latest techonologies.
  • Peace of mind - Know that you get paid when the work gets done.
  • Simple - There's no need to stress, simply confirm the job is done and the money is released.
  • No fear - Of not being paid when the job is complete
  • No worries - About the funds already being in place before the project starts
  • No more delayed payments - You carry out the work to a high standard and complete what was agreed in a time frame that was agreed and we will be instructed to release a same day payment to you.
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