When you need to find a tradesman for your next project, save time and get connected to local professionals with BookaBuilderUK.

It is completely free to post jobs, and our proven system takes care of the rest, so you only receive ‘no obligation’ quotes from the most relevant local companies or suppliers who are looking for your exact type of work.

We have successfully helped 1000’s of people find a tradesman since 2014, and over the years have established a large directory of skilled local providers. You can also view company profiles to find reviews and examples of work. So if you want to find a tradesman for any purpose, search our directory or post your job today.

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How Does BookaBuilderUK work?

post your job to bookabuilder
Post your job to BookaBuilderUK

Enter your requirements for the job you need undertaken.

we send your job to tradesmen
We send your job to tradesmen

Your job is sent out instantly to tradesmen local to you.

recieve quotes from tradesmen
Receive multiple FREE quotes

You will receive quotes from tradesmen along with their profiles to review previous works & testimonials.

choose your tradesmen
Pick the tradesman for your job!

Choose the tradesman you want to carry out your job!


How to Find a Tradesman?

BookaBuilderUK is a FREE & EASY way to find a local tradesmen for every type of job you may need doing around your home.

Simply post your job and start receiving free quotes from tradesmen in your area today!

"Website was easy to use and within 24 hours I had been contacted by two builders, over the next few days I had five builders visit my property to give my quotations on my new build."
Martin, Cheshire.
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Introducing a safer way to pay

Keep your money safe & only pay when work is completed...

We hold the money for you and ONLY release it to the tradesman once YOU are satisfied with the work carried out.

You can pay via SafePay even if the tradesman is not a member of BookaBuilderUK, just let us know their details and we will get in touch with them.

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