When you need to find a tradesperson for your next project, save time and get connected to local professionals with BookaBuilderUK.

It is completely free to post jobs, and our proven system takes care of the rest, so you only receive ‘no obligation’ quotes from the most relevant local companies or suppliers who are looking for your exact type of work.

We have successfully helped 1000’s of people find a tradesperson since 2014, and over the years have established a large directory of skilled local providers. You can also view company profiles to find reviews and examples of work. So if you want to find a tradesperson for any purpose, search our directory or post your job today.

How Does BookaBuilderUK work?

post your job to bookabuilder
Post your job to BookaBuilderUK

Enter your requirements for the job you need undertaken.

we send your job to tradespeople
We send your job to tradespeople

Your job is sent out instantly to tradespeople local to you.

recieve quotes from tradespeople
Receive multiple FREE quotes

You will receive quotes from tradespeople along with their profiles to review previous works & testimonials.

choose your tradespeople
Pick the tradesperson for your job!

Choose the tradesperson you want to carry out your job!

pay tradesperson securely
Pay your tradesperson securely!

Keep your money safe & protect building work on your home by paying securely with SafePay!

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Find a tradesperson for your next project

Post your job and get quotes today!

BookaBuilderUK has thousands of local tradespeople covering every aspect of home improvement across the UK. Post your job quickly and easily and let local trades interested in your job come to you.

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Post your job
Quick & Easy

Complete our simple post-a-job form in under 2 minutes.

Get notified

We send you profiles of tradespeople who are readily available to undertake your work.

No stress
Peace of mind

You can check the vetting status of our trades to make sure you know who you're dealing with.

Chat facility
Chat with tradespeople

Our in-account chat facility means you can chat with tradespeople in one click.

Safe & Secure
Keep your money safe

Pay tradespeople safely with SafePay to ensure you are never left out of pocket.

No cost
Completely FREE!

You don't pay a penny for our service. Give us a try, you've got nothing to lose!

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