Member vetting

About our member checks

BookaBuilderUK check mark

Look out for our member check marks!

Find out more about some of the checks we carry out on our members to give you peace of mind when searching for a tradesperson to carry out work on your home.

BookaBuilderUK check marks

On each of our members profile pages you will be able to see what checks have been carried out and passed.

Identity Checked
Proof of Address
2 Stage Interview
Public Liability
Qualifications & Accreditations
Signed Code of Conduct

Available check marks

For any of the above badges to appear on a member’s profile page the following will need to be completed. Each check that has been carried out and passed will earn the relevant badge of approval.

No reliance on information: The checks that have been carried out are provided for general information purposes only. We will endeavour to keep the information on our website as up to date as possible, please bear in mind that some of the content could be out of date at any time. The information provided should not be used as advice that you rely on.

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